My name is Carlos and I am a Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE). I come from Alicante (Spain), a stretch of Mediterranean coast blessed with year-round sunshine, warm temperatures, sandy beaches and velvety wines, but being an intrepid adventurer it is not hard to find me living in any other part of the world. Do you want to know where I am now?

I did a Spanish Language Studies Degree at the University of Alicante (UA) because when I was 18 years old the only thing that I was certain of was that I loved literature and all the magical things that could be done playing with words. Then I did the Postgraduate Course in Education (CAP) at the University Miguel Hernández in Elche (UMH) and started to dream about travelling the world as a Spanish teacher.

But that dream still had to be matured and grown and my personal circumstances at the time invited me to explore new ways. Shortly after ending my studies I began to devote myself to Education, understood in the broad sense of the word. Professionally, I have done all kinds of things and that has allowed me to have a very broad sense of teaching and learning processes: I was either playing samba-reggae with the batucada youth group that I founded in my neighborhood, conducting reading workshops for children in the library, coordinating a peace plan of action for High Schools across Spain or even teaching for adult learning courses.

In 2014, after spending one season in the United Kingdom, I went back to College and to my first vocation: the Teaching of Spanish as a Second Language. In July 2016, I finished a Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign / Second Language (FOPELE), taught by FUNIBER and supported by the European University of the Atlantic. I’m also a DELE trainer/examiner accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and I’m currently doing a university programme of Intercultural Mediation for teachers.

I have three years of experience teaching Spanish in different contexts.

In the classroom I am an explorer, a facilitator and a patient person with a permanent smile. I believe that the most important thing is to personalise the lessons. I like to transmit to my students that the lessons have been exclusively crafted for them taking into consideration their levels, needs, objectives and learning styles. Last but not least comes having fun, whilst learning, and keeping you motivated. I won’t have to remind you to study because you will do it almost unnoticedly.

In traditional format or online. When do we start?